What to Expect, When Booklet?

The purpose of this booklet is to support you as a parent/carer to discover all about how your child is learning and developing during their first five years, in relation to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Children develop more rapidly during the first five years of their lives than at any other time. This booklet has been written to help you as a parent know what to expect during these vitally important years by focusing on the seven areas of learning and development which are covered in the EYFS  Curriculum.


Did you know…

“Play is the work of the child.” – Maria Montessori

Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” – Mr. Rogers

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” – Plato

When children pretend, they’re using their imaginations to move beyond the bounds of reality. A stick can be a magic wand. A sock can be a puppet. A small child can be a superhero. “ – Fred Rogers


What Ofsted say about us…


Staff use assessments successfully to monitor progress and build on children’s capability and interests. Children are provided with an interesting range of challenging indoor and outdoor activities.”
Ofsted Report 2018