Prior to your child starting at Pre-School we would like to take the opportunity to come along and visit you and your child at home. Your child’s allocated key person would come along and meet your child and get to know them in their own environment. We would love to hear all about your child’s likes/dislikes and any other information you might like to share. The home visit will take no longer than 30 minutes, all registration/information documents will also be brought along.  After this initial home visit, settling in visits for your child will be arranged.

At Red Dragon the role of the key person is crucial; they have special responsibilities for working with small groups of children, ensuring they feel safe and cared for and building relationships with parents and carers. One of the main roles of the key person is to develop children’s independence. Children become independent through reassurance and comfort of having new people to depend on and this gives them the confidence to try new opportunities. When children are in a new situation or are unwell, they become less independent and need more support from a key person. Especially during scenarios when the child is unwell the key person can best know the needs and requirements of the child.

A key person has particular responsibility for monitoring your child’s development throughout their time at the Pre-school. Parent’s evenings are held twice a year, and two-year checks are completed before a child turns three. However we welcome discussions to take about your child at any time, with the key person or supervisor.

Once a child has settled in Red Dragon Pre-School, the key person will continue to develop a positive relationship with the child to ensure they are happy, secure and confident to explore the environment and opportunities available to them. The key person will ensure the child’s developmental and care needs are met. The key person is also responsible for carrying out observations and completing assessments which then inform future planning for the child.



What Ofsted say about us…


“The supervisor and staff have high expectations of children’s learning and how they
should behave. Staff are well qualified and continually update their knowledge and skills to
keep abreast of early years requirements. For example, they attend courses, research
online and share their experiences with colleagues. Safeguarding is effective. Staff are well
deployed and there are good adult-to-child ratios. All staff keep up to date with
safeguarding requirements. They supervise children effectively and follow rigorous safety
procedures to help ensure children are safe. Staff routinely review how to recognise
children at risk and how to respond to concerns about children’s welfare.
Ofsted Report 2018